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This website and all of the people on our faculty are dedicated to helping YOU establish yourself as a preeminent thought leader. Whether your goal is to thrive regionally, nationally or globally, you will benefit from the resources we have gathered to help you. Thriving in the future depends on your ability to transcend the expectations of your clients and the capabilities of everyone competing for their time, attention or money. Your existing and prospective clients, allies and referral sources need you to prove to them that you are transcendent in relevant ways, have impeccable integrity, and that you are supremely client-centered.

We provide imagination, expertise, transcendent ideas and solutions that help elevate the willing into greater effectiveness, abundance and fulfillment. Our ideal clients are discerning people of action who refuse to strive for or to be ordinary. Our clients are audacious, courageous and tenacious innovators and thought leaders who will not settle for anything less than market prominence.
We mentor you to develop and provide that which is unique and profoundly relevant to the people whom you want to serve. We help you grow your transcendence, market prominence and positive impact.

To actually BE transcendent, your ideas, advice, products or services must be:

A) Unique (the first of its kind or the only one of its kind);
B) Profoundly important, relevant, compelling and understandable for your audience;
C) The best of its kind;
D) Delivered and supported at the highest level of integrity;
E) Easy to get into and easy to get out of;
F) Priced in such a way that your customers win and so do you, your vendors and allies; and
G) Can be easily promoted by satisfied customers who don’t need to be asked or coerced into promoting you and your deliverables.

It is essential that you offer elegant answers to the question; what exactly do you provide that is unique and profoundly relevant and beneficial to me? Of course your offering needs to appeal only to your desired audience. Therefore it can be repellant to those who are not your audience while being irresistibly attractive to desired customers and allies. You must not waste time, energy, money or human capital on those who are not a good match for you.

Here at the Transcendent Market Leadership Institute, we are dedicated to helping you figure all of this out so you become a leader in your market or create a new market faster, easier and less expensively than you could on your own.

The greatest truths and opportunities to elevate our beliefs, performance and results rarely appear in the attractive and comfortable form and time we wish they would. Bruce Raymond Wright