Self proclaimed “thought leaders” and internet gurus with little or no track record for achieving relevant tangible results seem to be everywhere. One of our goals is to help change that. We believe that the pretenders and scammers must be eliminated from the marketplace. We think the best way to do that lies in helping high achievers (with proven results) establish themselves as credible thought leaders and as market leaders. Monetizing your expertise, credibility, gravitas and ability to get relevant tangible results is essential if you want to be commercially (financially) successful.

Part of how we help emerging thought leaders is by vetting their content, writing, and other media. We will help you purge your message and deliverables of the language that causes you to be perceived as being similar to everyone else. Remember what Bruce Raymond Wright teaches about differentiation:

We are surrounded by those who waddle like ducks, swim like ducks, fly like ducks, quack like ducks and in just about every way behave and perform exactly like ducks – all the while claiming to be eagles. To be a true thought leader and a market leader, you must elevate yourself above all of the ducks AND beyond all of the eagles. You must transcend them. Stop thinking, acting or sounding like them in every way possible as quickly as you can. Bruce Raymond Wright

If you are willing to let us help you elevate your thought leadership, reach and impact, we will introduce you to some transcendent ideas customized just for you. Perhaps most importantly we will tell you the truth about who, what and where you really are right now. And we will tell you the truth about what you need to do to boost your creativity, credibility, gravitas, reach and impact as a thought leader. When you are willing to do this, we will help you monetize your wisdom and capabilities in ways that pretenders and wanna bees cannot even imagine.