Bruce Raymond Wright

Visionary, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Strategic Advisor and Mentor

Bruce Raymond Wright was born in Southern California on June 21, 1958.  He has a very accomplished history as an entrepreneur, innovator and inventor both inside and outside of the legal, accounting, fiduciary and financial advisory services professions.  During his tenure inside the financial services world, he helped to create and grow the Associated Planners conglomerate where he played key managerial and leadership roles in the areas of due diligence, governmental compliance, corporate growth, recruiting, training and acquisitions.  From 1984-1988, during his tenure with Associated Planners, Mr. Wright also served as Managing Partner of a Registered Investment Advisory firm.  In that capacity he was responsible for the application of fiduciary standards of care for clients throughout the United States.  Bruce has always maintained the goal of exceeding the mandatory fiduciary standards for understanding and caring for clients.  This has enabled Mr. Wright’s companies to meet or exceed client expectations, avoid conflicts of interest, provide unbiased insight and avoid the all too common lawsuits and complaints which plague most firms.  In January of 1989, Mr. Wright officially left the financial services profession and liquidated all of his ownership positions in Associated Planners, its affiliates and the Registered Investment Advisory firm.

At the suggestion of senior leaders at a major aerospace corporate client, Mr. Wright created what is now known as Macro Strategic Design, Inc., the world’s first truly comprehensive, holistic, synergistic Macro Strategic Planning® firm.  Over the next few years Wright and his colleagues field tested and adjusted our process into the unique, elegant and dynamic approach we use today.  Macro Strategic Planning® is the first and only trademarked process for strategic planning in use for individuals, companies and charitable institutions.  Our methodology transcends common strategic planning, financial planning, wealth planning, and estate planning constructs.  Bruce will admit to being a bit of a nerd.  Although Bruce has taught hundreds of continuing education courses, he is more than an academic.  He is a get into the trenches and get real tangible, measurable results professional.  He left Santa Monica College before receiving a degree and focused his energy and talents on inventing pragmatic processes which produce real world desired results.  Back in those days there were no courses of study or degrees related to comprehensive, holistic, synergistic thought, planning and implementation.  So Bruce invented the world’s first Macro and Micro Strategic Planning methodology.  Bruce is the creator of the first trademarked, service marked and copyright protected universal strategic planning process.  He invented and fathered the strategic planning movement.

Even before founding Macro Strategic Design, Inc, Bruce was acting as the primary strategic advisor and consigliore for entrepreneurs, business leaders, boards of directors, affluent families and individuals.  Bruce’s unique and influential position as an unbiased client advocate has empowered him to help clients better understand and act upon complex opportunities and to overcome a myriad of adversities that most advisors do not address.  Because Macro Strategic Design, Inc and Bruce are always paid directly by the client and because we do not participate in any form of commissions, asset management fees, etc, we are uniquely positioned to clarify, articulate in writing, represent, protect and further our clients’ highest and best interests.  In a world where most advisors operate in some position of conflicted interest(s), Bruce created Macro Strategic Design’s business model to be the world’s first and most win-win, client centric operating system.  It is these innovations which help assure you that what matters most to you will be truly understood and then articulated into a coherent, holistic, synergistic written plan that can help focus you and all relevant personnel on BIG PICTURE vision and goals while dynamically implementing key MICRO details on time and within budget.

Whether you are a rocket scientist, an entrepreneur, an inventor, a celebrity, a philanthropist or just a regular person wanting a more effective, peaceful, fulfilling, abundant and joyful life, Bruce and Macro Strategic Design, Inc. are dedicated to helping you get there.  Bruce and his team have an amazing track record, wonderful testimonials and raving fans living all over the world.  He originated the world’s first client centric business model that focuses on elegant, graceful transitions and exit plans.  Bruce also pioneered long term multigenerational 100 – 500 year legacy plans that combine family values and universal principles for success, significance and happiness.  All of Bruce Raymond Wright’s courses, writings and speeches are designed with the intention of elevating consumer and advisor awareness and effectiveness.  To learn more about how Bruce R. Wright and Macro Strategic Design can help you visualize, clarify, plan and create what you really want in your life, business and relationships, contact us at  All inquiries and relationships are treated with extreme confidentiality and respect.

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