In free societies, the most effective leaders are benevolent servants or stewards. As more people learn to think for themselves and elevate their own wisdom and discernment, the harder it is to program or manipulate them. The more evolved, awake or enlightened a person becomes; the less important brand loyalty is to them. At this point in humanity’s evolution, the more discerning one becomes, the less one cares about what laundry detergent or political party our grandparents favored. Discerning people are capable of and want to perform their own research. They tend not to trust the neatly wrapped “due diligence” prepared for consumption by “in house experts,” consultants, “the media,” self proclaimed experts, or “online fact checkers.” They are especially repulsed by indoctrination, paid for science, or sales pitches designed to move them into “hive mentality” or behavior.

The more we humans evolve and the stronger we become, the easier it is for us to recognize propaganda, lies and the tyranny of the status quo. We quickly lose interest when someone tries to influence us with neuro linguistic programming (NLP) stunts and catch phrases. Common stunts such as breathing at the same speed as you and using manipulative language like, “People just like you are benefiting from my ________.” The more discerning you are, the easier it is to come up with a list of words, products, political commentary, or services that salespeople, pundits, manipulators or politicians typically insert in that blank space.

As people improve in their discernment, the less likely we are to follow the “hive mentality.”  We develop a healthy skepticism for the “advice” of political pundits, salespeople, consultants, scientists or doctors.  As we elevate our awareness, we won’t follow the leadership of people who don’t demonstrate authentic transcendent thinking, integrity and follow through.  And we certainly won’t “buy” anything from people, companies or governments we don’t respect.

To become a thought leader or to retain leadership in the future, one must constantly demonstrate love and respect for the intelligence and well-being of the people we want to impact. Once people have enough proof that you respect and love them more than your own comfort or profit, they will entrust you with their attention, money, vote, business, trust and loyalty. If your leadership doesn’t consistently transcend the status quo, you will be replaced by someone who thinks and acts more transcendently. That may seem harsh, but ultimately it is fair and inevitable. This is how humanity is evolving irrespective of whether we like it or not.

Those who choose to understand, accept and APPLY this reality can be effective leaders. Those who disagree with the construct of universal constant disruption and creation will be left behind by others who think and behave transcendently.