Most people can be taught and mentored into more frequent use of the parts of their brains that perform creative transcendent thinking. Even the most widely recognized transcendent thinkers (Albert Einstein, Socrates, Aristotle, etc.) revealed that such thinking can be strenuous work. Even with an unusually high amount of natural talent for transcendent thinking, your progress will require uncommon discipline, focus and tenacity. Eventually the kind of thinking and behavior that seemed difficult in the beginning will become easier, faster and more comfortable for you.

Any person or business that wants to be a market leader must constantly exhibit the ability to articulate and transcend the wants, needs and expectations of consumers. It is up to you to articulate what your market needs and wants next better than those consumers can. This also applies to charitable organizations, schools, governments and politicians. Consumers want to be amazed. We want our own imaginations amplified. We want to tingle with excitement and be enthusiastic about those we do business with or vote for. We want to invest ourselves, our attention and money in exciting new products and services that elevate our happiness, well-being, prosperity and sense of significance.

Today’s technology causes buying trends to open and close far more rapidly than in the past. Products and services that aren’t “cool” or relevant enough tend to die quickly. To become successful (and stay that way), you have to be quick, agile and constantly innovating. Transcendent thought is not about correctly guessing the next boom in consumer trends. It’s about Imagineering a bold and compelling new direction that is so amazing and wonderful that consumers believe they must be a part of it. Transcendent thought and market leadership is about you entering a way of being. It’s about you being irresistibly attractive to the universe of people who resonate with who you are and what you do for them that nobody else can or will do. Thought leaders don’t have to be good guessers about “market trends” and they certainly must not be regurgitations of the same old stuff in slightly different packages. Transcendent thought leaders create, inspire and lead market trends that have been invisible to not only would be competitors, but also to the consumers. It’s about seeing and being what is needed and wanted next before anyone else can see it, provide it, or be it.

Consumers are generally more sophisticated and discerning than ever before. A greater percentage of the world population is learning how to think for themselves and they want to transcend the status quo of brands, political parties, ineffective business and financial constructs, and ineffective regulations. Earning and sustaining a thought leadership position is more difficult than ever because more people are thinking and behaving transcendently. Unless you can out innovate increasingly smarter wiser consumers with your thinking, you will not be recognized as a leader they respect and want to follow. People are not likely to follow your leadership or buy your offerings unless they respect your creativity, integrity and dedication to client-centered behavior. Discerning customers desire authentic people (providers) and products. We want to help you be that type of compelling and resonate leader.